Little Ducklings

At Street Farm Day Nursery, we pride ourselves on our balanced curriculum, which aims to help children take an active part in their development.

Learning also takes place outside the nursery. Children can enjoy a wide variety of trips and outings to places of interest in the local area and beyond. An information sheet reflecting on the activities children have taken part in is given to parents/carers monthly.

When your child is ready to enter Little Ducklings, they are becoming more independent and to encourage independence we offer a carefully designed programme of activities. Throughout these activities the staff give lots of encouragement and praise.

Each child is given a daily diary in which staff record information on the activities your child has been involved in that day, meals, activities, sleep times and nappy changes.

Little ducklings consist of a playroom, an eating area, a quiet cosy room, a natural area, a space to be imaginative and a space to be creative.

Little ducklings also have an outdoor area with space to play, explore, investigate, plant and harvest. There is also a sail shade to protect children from the sun.