Children develop a good understanding of hygiene through well planned and resourced lessons, modelling and free flow activities. They learn how and why they must wash hands before meal times and after using the toilet, to cover their mouths when they cough and learn why we need to keep not only ourselves clean but our environment too; including toys. The children learn about hygiene through activities and experiments such as glitter germs and through food preparation.

Our menu is designed and cooked on site by our nursery cook, using fresh seasonal ingredients. Our menu strives to follow a low salt and sugar diet, as well as incorporating a variety of fruits and vegetables into every meal. Our menu encourages the children to try foods from other countries and cultures and is enhanced by planned activities.  We feel by encouraging this, children can experience different tastes and textures which broaden their knowledge of different food. Children help to prepare snack and clear away after. During snack and mealtimes, the food is placed in serving dishes and the children are encouraged to serve themselves.  Staff sit and eat with the children using this as an enjoyable social time.

At the nursery children develop an excellent understanding of the links between healthy eating and healthy living. We do this by providing fresh, nutritious food prepared on the nursery premises by our cooks. Staff speak with children and help them to understand why it is good for them and teach them about healthy practises. The children enjoy planting their own fruit and vegetables, care for the plants and when ready they help prepare them for a meal. The children take part in a variety of healthy eating games and activities to introduce what a balanced diet is in order to help them make informed healthy choices. We work with our local Oral Health Educator who provides the children with information and activities to promote keeping their teeth healthy.

To encourage the children to be active, we promote free flow play in all weathers, additional activities include weekly Yoga sessions with our trained Nursery Yoga Teacher. Through our yoga programme, children learn techniques for self-health, relaxation and inner fulfilment, increasing their self-esteem and body awareness. Our environments are created to support children’s physical development and provides opportunities to practice key physical gross motor skills through activities such as obstacle courses, a climbing frame and forest schools. We also promote fine motor skill development through activities including playdoh, finger gym and mark making. 

Sample Menu

At Street Farm our menu changes termly. Here is a sample menu to give you an example of our meals, puddings, snacks and teas.