Farmyard Friends

At Street Farm Day Nursery, we pride ourselves on our balanced curriculum, which aims to help children take an active part in their development.

Learning also takes place outside the nursery. Children can enjoy a wide variety of trips and outings to places of interest in the local area and beyond.

Farmyard Friends is the nursery’s pre-school room, the majority of children in this room are accessing their 15/30 hours grant funding entitlement. The practitioners plan exciting activities to meet individuals needs and the children enjoy a wide range of equipment and resources to support their development in the 7 areas of the Early Years foundation stage.

Within Farmyard Friends links are built with the local schools that children will be attending, transitions are planned to ensure the move to full time school is as smooth as possible.

The room consists of a playroom, an eating area, a quiet cosy area, a natural area, a space to be imaginative and a space to be creative. The children in Farmyard friends also have the opportunity to use a touch screen tablet and a variety of ICT equipment

Farmyard Friends also have an outdoor area with space to play, explore, investigate, plant and harvest. There is also a covered area to protect children from the sun, under which we have a decked area which has many uses such as a writing area, a cosy space for storytelling and much more.