Forest School is an inspirational process that allows children the opportunity to learn in and about nature, giving each individual child the freedom to explore using multiple senses to observe their natural surroundings. The children learn from first-hand experience and develop skills such as perseverance, independence and responsibility.

Where will Forest School take place?

The sessions will take place at Lukeswood, the community woodland situated in Church Road. This is such a special place, which will give children the opportunity to develop intrinsically, guiding and building on their own learning and development. The children will experience a wide range of activities such as den building, craft activities, using tools, mini beast hunts, group games, observing the environment and free play, all of which focus on building and developing their self-esteem and confidence. The children are encouraged to solve problems and work together, challenging themselves to try new experiences.

When is Forest School?

The sessions will take place once a week for six weeks, each session lasting approximately 2 hours. The days of Forest School will change termly allowing for more children to take part in this wonderful opportunity. The sessions will currently be offered to the pre-school children but Forest School Staff will spend time in Little Ducklings providing forest school activities which will give children the opportunity to become familiar with.

Will food be provided?

The children will be offered a rolling snack bar, like they have in nursery. This will allow the children to carry on with their activities and eat when they are ready. A member of staff will remain within this area to encourage the children to select their own snack and pour their own drinks. The member of staff will be aware of any dietary requirements.

What staff will be at Forest School?

There will always be a minimum of 3 staff allowing for a 1:3 ratio. All Staff are trained in Paediatric First Aid and Lisa also has the Forest School First Aid certificate. An appropriate First Aid Kit will be accessible at all times. The Leader will carry a mobile phone which will be used in an emergency.


Children will be encouraged to use the nursery toilet before heading off to the forest school site. A toilet is located within the boundary for all children to use, this also includes a nappy changing area. Hand washing facilities are available during the session where children can access fresh water, use soap and dry their hands with paper towels.

Parent Partnership

As a parent/carer what can I do? Talk with your child about what they have done at Forest School, you may choose to visit Lukeswood yourself and let your child show you where Forest School takes place. Please keep an eye on your child’s nursery diary for ideas on activities you can do at home which relate to Forest Schools.

Weather Conditions

‘There is no such thing as bad weather just bad clothing’. Forest School will be able to go ahead in almost all weathers if the children are dressed appropriately. If the weather conditions are deemed unsafe the Forest School Leader has the right to postpone or cancel the session. In the event that the weather changes when the session is taking place, children and staff will make their way back to the nursery either on foot or by mini bus.If there are high winds, thunderstorms, lightening or very bad weather then the Forest school leader will run a session at the nursery.

Appropriate Clothing for all weathers

Forest School sessions take place in all weathers therefore it is extremely important that children are dressed appropriately.

During the winter months, children and adults should come prepared to each session with:

  • Warm hat and scarf
  • Gloves
  • Jacket/Waterproof coat
  • Waterproof trousers
  • Fleece/sweatshirt
  • Spare socks
  • Boots (preferably warm insulated boots)
  • A complete spare set of clothes and a carrier bag for wet or dirty clothes.

During the summer months, children and adults should come prepared to each session with:

  • Sun hat
  • Sun Cream (Please would parents apply this before coming to the nursery)
  • A thin, long sleeved top and jumper (NO SHORT SLEEVES)
  • Trousers (NO SHORTS OR SKIRTS)
  • Sturdy shoes/walking boots or wellingtons
  • A spare pair of trousers and socks
  • A waterproof coat
  • Waterproof trousers

This clothing list applies to everybody who attends forest school sessions including adults and is important for a number of safety reasons. Please be aware that sandals/flip flops are never suitable for forest school sessions and that not wearing appropriate clothing may prevent participation.

The nursery does have spare waterproofs if required.