Our baby room is designed to offer a home from home environment. Baby Bunnies consist of a designated sleeping room, play area, eating area and separate nappy changing area. We provide a wide range of activities which allow all babies to experiment and explore through a variety of play and sensory experiences using equipment to stimulate and encourage development.

Two members of our baby room team have, in addition to their Level 3 childcare qualifications, a further CACHE qualification in advanced baby practice.

A full record of nappy changes, feeds, sleep times and activities are recorded in each baby’s daily diary and passed on to parents/carers at the end of each session.

At Street Farm we aim to work closely with parents and carers and mirror home routines.

Baby Signing

Staff in Baby Bunnies have been trained in Makaton signing.

Makaton signing helps to develop young children’s social skills as they watch, sing along and play.

Makaton signing can give babies a developmental head start and helps them to learn to communicate, express their needs, feelings and wishes, before they can talk.

Breast Feeding

We aim to make mothers feel comfortable in our nursery should they wish to breast feed their babies whilst here.

The baby’s routine will be discussed with the monther and key person and arrangements made for the mother to come in and feed their baby.

If mother would prefer a private area, this can be arranged.

Expressed milk can be stored either in our milk fridge or may be brought into nursery frozen.