Alice Page – Health and Wellbeing Coordinator (HAWC)
BSc in Sport and Exercise Science

Good health and wellbeing is central to effective learning and preparation for independence. Learning through health and wellbeing promotes confidence, independent thinking and positive attitudes and dispositions. Within the nursery we take a holistic approach to promoting health and wellbeing, which takes account of the age, stage of growth, development and maturity of each individual child. It is the responsibility of every practitioner within the nursery to contribute to learning and development in health and wellbeing with regards to mental, emotional, social and physical wellbeing to enable all children to be successful learners and confident individuals.

To encourage the children to be active we promote free flow play in all weathers, additional activities include weekly Yoga sessions with our trained Nursery Yoga Teacher. Through our yoga programme children learn techniques for self-health, relaxation and inner fulfilment, increasing their self-esteem and body awareness.

Having a HAWC has enabled us to work collaboratively with Staff, Parents and other Professionals ensuring that Health and Wellbeing remains a top priority. The position of a HAWC has had a positive impact with in our setting, it has allowed us to enhance the team’s knowledge and together created new opportunities for the children, some of these include physical activity programme, information for parents, reviewing and updating the nursery menu, organising share sessions relating to health and well-being, activities out of nursery hours within the community.