Curiosity Box Ideas For Home

At Street Farm we love our curiosity cube! They are simple to create, effective and full of fun and learning! Curiosity activities can be easy to set up, use objects from your home or garden, pop them in a box and let your little ones explore! See how they become ‘curious’ about objects and use their imagination to explore!

Here is a few curiosity box ideas we love that you can easily create at home!

Nature – Why not base your curiosity box on nature. Go outside and find as many different sizes, shapes and textures of natural materials you can! Pop them all in a box and let your child explore! This is a great activity to discuss seasons, nature outside and explore senses!

Loose Parts – We love loose parts! This can be anything from screws, cardboard tubes, curtain pole rings, shells, bolts, keys, bottle lids, it’s endless! Your child will let their imagination go crazy exploring a box full of loose parts! It may also be a great way to explore fine motor skills and discuss how different objects work. 

Colours – This could be a rainbow box, or focus on one colour at a time. Hunt around your house for objects of the chosen colour and pop them in a box! Here is our orange example!

Shapes – There is many ideas you can explore to incorporate shapes into your curiosity box! You could find different objects from around the home that resemble different shapes for you child to explore, you could fill the box with sand and encourage your child to find the shapes inside, or even create your very own shape hunt game! 

Sounds – To explore sounds fill your child’s box with everyday objects they can make noises with! This could be a bottle of water, pots and pans, wooden spoons, salt and pepper shakers, tube of smarties, anything noisy! You could even add any musical instruments you have at home! 

Junk Modelling – Fill a box with cardboard tubes, boxes, tubs, jars and tape. Watch your child construct, create and explore!