School Transitions

We are coming up to a busy time for many families where you will be beginning to prepare for the change from nursery to school. Here are a few of our top tips to help you prepare yourself and your child for their next big adventure!

  1. Visit the school ahead of start date!

It is always good to familiarise yourself and your child with the school they will be attending. This will allow for the transition process to be more natural and less intimidating. By going for regular walks by your child’s school, looking at it’s surroundings and visiting inside if possible, you will be preparing them for the change. This is a great activity to open up conversation about school and allow them to understand what change is going to happen.

  • Photo Books

Photo books are another great resource you can create at home. Use your child’s school website and social media to take images from that allow them to get a deeper understanding of what school is like. These photos could include the indoor and outdoor areas, meal times, teachers, classrooms and events. Leaving this around for your child to look at freely will make the transition more natural and exciting!

  • Role play

Role play is a great tool to use to allow your child to understand what happens at school. Role playing school scenarios such as registration, teachers and pupils, play times and assemblies will allow them with an understanding of what to expect and enable them to see the difference in nursery and school daily routines.

  • School based stories

Read lots of stories based on the school day! There is lots out there to explore. This is another great way to spark conversation about school and what to expect.

  • Open and honest communication is really important during this time

Conversation is key at this time and it is important that you speak to your child openly about school. Making them aware that a change is going to happen enables them to have time to adjust to the new routines they can expect. This also allows it to be a safe conversation where they can speak to you about any worries or concerns they have. As well as talking to your child about their change, it’s also good for yourself to be open to conversation about school. This transition is big for both child and parent so it is important to ask away and get all your questions answered before your child starts. Everyone at Street Farm is happy to help support you in any way they can!