5 Benefits Of Outdoor Play

18th May 2021

At Street Farm we are keen to explore and learn in the outdoor environment. We love getting outside wherever and whenever we can and understand the amazing benefits it has on the learning and development of children in early years and at home. From Forest schools to our fabulous back garden we really do have so much fun! 

Here are a few ways Outdoor play can benefit your little ones!

Gross Motor Skills – 

The development of gross motor skills is vital in early years and outdoor play is a fantastic way to explore this. Being outdoors allows your children to explore whole body movements in numerous ways. Why not explore ways of moving through obstacle courses and sports day activities, climbing at the local park and creating games around your very own garden! Encourage your child to use their running, jumping, crawling, skipping and walking skills for this!

Exploring Nature – 

Not only does getting outside benefit your child physically, but it also gives them a chance to explore and appreciate the nature in the environment around them. Getting outside encourages your child to use their senses and imagination, learning about similarities, differences, patterns and change in our natural world. 

Taking Risks – 

Taking Risks is very important in early years and encourages children to push themselves outside of their comfort zone to learn, explore, play and grow their own confidence. Getting outside encourages young children to explore new challenges and make their own calculated decisions. We love to provide our children with new and exciting opportunities and watch them thrive off seeking the challenges and taking risks. 

Health and Wellbeing – 

At Street Farm we take pride in our understanding of health and wellbeing in early years. Encouraging healthy lifestyles and choices is vital to ensure our little ones grow up confident, fit and healthy. Getting outdoors enables your child to develop an active lifestyle through opportunities including physical activity, movement and freedom. You can also use your outdoor areas to grow your own produce, exploring healthy eating and food groups! 

Social Skills – 

For many children being outdoors allows their personalities to thrive in a new environment. It enables children with a larger space to interact with children and do so more freely. Children often make plans with peers, discuss their findings and co-operate in their play when exploring the environment around them. At Street Farm we often see children thrive in the outdoor environment and love to see new relationships develop. We also see the importance of social skills outside building children’s confidence, emotional wellbeing and calmness.