Promoting Healthy Eating

1st June 2021

Healthy eating is extremely important for children in order to ensure that they receive all the nutrients they need to grow and develop.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle in early years is vital in order for your child to maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout school and further education.

Our Top Tips to encourage healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle are:

  • Provide your child with their 7 a day

Did you know it is recommended we now include 7 portions of fruit and vegetables in our diet on a daily basis in order to guarantee optimum health and well-being? This is super important to start at a young age and maintain as your child grows! Why not think of some fun activities you can do with your child to make this exciting for them?

  • Make healthy eating fun!

When getting your child to eat healthy it can be a little tricky! Why not incorporate it into some fun, meal time games! You could also make your child’s plate fun by creating funky plates and displays with their food. You could make fruit kebabs, vegetable faces and rainbow fruit salads!

  • Provide a wide variety of food

When promoting a healthy lifestyle for your child it is important to introduce them to a wide variety of food. Not only does providing them with a wide variety of foods help their nutrition but it also keeps their meals exciting, new and different each day! Speak to your child about what they’d like to try and involve them in choosing your families recipes for the week. This gives them a chance to be involved at meal times and experience how their food is made.

  • Get Active

Getting active is very important for children in early years. Being active ensures they are working all their gross motor skills and maintaining a balanced lifestyle. There are many ways you can do this at home or in your environment. Make it different each time and exciting for your child so they are keen to stay involved. You could make obstacle courses, go on treasure hunts, go on races around the home or make up your own workout routines!

  • Do it together!

Involving your child in making their own healthy choices is key to keeping it fun and exciting for them. You can involve them in this through taking them shopping to pick fruits and vegetables, get them to help prepare the meals and grow your own produce at home!