Promoting Oral Health

Oral Health –

Oral health is extremely important for all ages and to start focusing on this in early years is essential. Assuring your child understands oral health and its meaning will prepare them for good dental hygiene and dental practises as they grow.

Ways we promote oral health at street farm include –

  • Offering a healthy, nutritional diet with freshly cooked meals and sugar free puddings. All menu’s are planned considering individual dietary needs and to assure all the children are getting the correct nutrients they need.
  • We promote healthy eating throughout the nursery, not only in our menus but also through activities with the children. We explore different food groups, how they help us grow and develop and how different foods can impact our bodies and how we grow in different ways.
  • We provide the children with milk at breakfast, snack and tea as well as free access to drinking water throughout their day.
  • We have regular visits from a local dental nurse to explain oral health to the children and show them ways they can care for their dental hygiene at home!
  • We often include oral health in our health and wellbeing plans, providing the children with fun and exciting activities that help them practise oral health and its importance!

Here’s some ideas on how you can practise this at home!

  • Role play dentists!
  • Make teeth brushing fun!
  • Get your child involved in preparing meals, discussing the foods you’re using and their health benefits!
  • Healthy eating games
  • Teeth brushing games
  • Books
  • Regular dental visits

For more games, advice and information on oral health please talk to the setting! We have some great resources we would love to share with you!