Why is singing so important in Early Childhood?

Singing has many benefits in early childhood and has a great, positive impact on your little ones start in life. 

Here are a few reasons why we encourage everyone to sing, as much as you can!

  1. Songs enable your child to be exposed to a wide variety of vocabulary and topics.
  1. Songs can be good for a child’s physical development as well as their emotional development. Singing encourages use of the respiratory muscles and optimises breathing. 
  1. Movement songs and action rhymes can get children to use their gross motor skills!
  1. Singing helps improve brain development – It helps children use all aspects of their brain, encourages them to concentrate and will bring out their imagination and creativity which gets the brain working!
  1. Singing helps boost self confidence and self esteem
  1. Singing increases the release of feel good hormones, making your child happier!
  1. Research has shown that singing can help build your immune system! As it is an aerobic activity it draws more oxygen into our bodies and oxygenates our brains!