How to encourage protecting the planet through play!

We have recently had lots of children show an interest in the world around them and how to be more sustainable.

We have explored different activities with the children on how we can care for the planet, nature and world around us!

Here are some top tips and ideas for you to explore at home …

-Think about what you eat! The choices we make every day, such as what we buy and what we eat, can have a big impact on our planet.

-Can you set up a zero-waste lunch bag to take to school, with re-useable water bottle, containers and cutlery?

-Think about where your food comes from and make changes to eat more locally.

-Think about what you can reuse, reduce and recycle.

-Can you use the library rather than buying new books?

-Can you share and swap clothes with your peers?

-Think about how you can be more ‘Green’ at home!

-Make your garden wildlife-friendly! You could create butterfly gardens or bug houses!

-Can you look into growing your own fruits and vegetables and making a compost bag/bin

-Research and teach your little ones about the importance of looking after our planet!

-Encourage your children to save water where they can!

-Use reusable resources such as wipes instead!